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This is so fucking good.


This is beautiful and so insightful.
WOW is really all I can say!


That's amazing. Changing the number of lines and the length of lines in the last stanzas when the subject switches to 'I'. The abrupt change to shorter lines really brings out the pain and the other side to those things that make a 'good story'.

My mom's grandfather was an alcoholic dreamer too - the best stories are about him, but if you think about, it must have been hell to live through.


The second to last stanza is a gut punch, and the last stanza is the perfect follow through. I like this very much.


Through your words, I got to know a glimpse of this man, your grandfather.
This was as usual, so well written.


Sounds strange now, but for a long time, I just assumed everyone needed to get drunk in order to face their laundry.


Strong, moving piece. A treat to get a new poem from you Charlie.

Mrs.A (Terry)

I wandered over here from Cecily's.

This is fantastic.

My only complaint is, I wish it went on longer (this post) because it was so good that I didn't want to stop reading.

So, I guess I'll go reread it.

Take care.

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