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These come about as close to universal truths as I can conjure. The third one is an expression of "my rights end where yours begin," in a way, don't you think? Great storytelling; I could totally picture you in that apartment. And yes, I remember typewriters!! Typed all my college papers on them (English Lit major) after writing drafts longhand. I miss that process sometimes. I almost want to buy an old one for my office for the kids to explore. A friend teaches 3rd grade in Milwaukee and took her students to a museum. When they saw a typewriter, they asked what it was! When she told them, they asked where the monitor was. Yikes.


Hmmm...offering truth (in whatever form we get it!) for the greater benefit of others...I could be wrong (and often am) but that sounds at least a bit like a "spiritual" activity to me!

In any event, you can't go too far wrong with a line from a Kung Fu movie. Ever see Shaolin Soccer?


1. Admit that all is flux.

Well, that's trouble right there. My best friend Mandy believes that. She took a Buddhism course in college and that's one of their major tenets, that everything changes. I HATE when things change, things that I love. What about love, anyway (romantic love)? Mandy believes that you can't really ever fall in love with someone for life, that people change and grow apart from one another and that's the way it is, and that humans would be a lot happier if they recognized this fact and stopped trying to be with somebody forever. If this is true, I really lose one of the most important things in my life, the dream that someday I will find a partner and link up for life. If I can't have that, I really don't see the point of this whole living thing. I really don't.


Great principles to live by, going to jot those down if you don't mind..


Thanks for the feedback everyone.

Maia - You're certainly welcome to jot those down. As I say, I have no ownership, so if they help, please use them.

Catherine - Must flux mean entropy? Is it not possible, that two people could also grow ever closer as their love changes and evolves? I see old couples in the street sometimes...not the ones who are bickering and scowling... but those who clearly share a lifelong, generous, and abiding love. I am certain that their love was different when they first met: flirtatious, sweaty, pasionate. And it may still be that way, only now, with so much growth and adventure in their shared history, there is something else as well. A true caring and understanding. An empathy beyond words. There is much to learn of love, Grasshopper, and I am still learning.


I remember that... I often say that to love and be loved is all you need in life.

And I love you.

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