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Norma Snockers
Hugh Jorgen
Anita Shagg

ahhhh I think that's all I got at the moment...


I'm laughing my ass of here - funny stuff Charlie! Over the years we've used...

Charlie (sorry) Googenheimer
Noprob Johncobb
Sally Sasspants (for my 6yr old)


Anastasia Beaverhausen! Not my invention, unfortunately, but rather Karen's on Will & Grace. It's the alter ego she uses when she's drinking alone at a bar. I just love it. It's sort of like an impoverished Russian princess mixed with a porn star. Who could ask for anything more!

Carl LaFong! AHA!! *points shaking finger*


I only have this talent after a few beers, but I used to be able to conjure up hilarious--and seemingly credible--names for law firms. "Hi, Toni McLellan, of Diddle, Hump and Squat." I could ad lib these for like an hour and have half the bar laughing at me. Definitely a "had to be there" sort of thing, I suppose.


P.S. thought I should mention, this was from back in my "wild oats" days, as contrasted to my "preparing whole oats for the kids and me" days I'm living now. Not much time for showing off the "beer intellect" these days.


Just got an offer for Vi*gra from Ulick Sneed (tee hee).


When did Trina become a porn name?

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