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Love you Charlie. I'm lighting up one in your honor tonight. ;-)

"Life sucks. Wear a helmet."

amy in BC

Here in BC smoking is forbidden anywhere and everywhere. Has been like this for some time. As a light smoker I must say it does not really bug me, I've adjusted (although I do have to admit it sucks to go to a pub, enjoy my meal and a drink and not be able to light up.) But I can understand the idea. Much more effective in terms of encouraging people to quit, or not start at all is the fact a pack of smokes (20) cost just over $8.00 here, about 60 % of which goes to the Gov't in taxes, same with booze. They have turned the nasties into cash cows. And THAT sucks!
My hubby also quit smoking a few years ago and misses it at times. Me? Working up the courage.. Pat on the back to you for quitting and having the resolve to stick to it.


I'm pretty much right there with you, Charlie - with a few caveats. Mainly, government and "public places" such as parks, libraries, museusm - anything that taxpayers pay into should be smoke-free. However, restaurants and bars and shops are privately owned businesses, they should be able to do whatever the hell they want. If a bar wants to be all smoking, so be it, patrons will know or find out soon enough and either not go there, or go there deliberately.

I'm also sick of gov't trying to micro-manage my life. In oh so many ways... and my city's mayor Bart "Everyone is my child and I will treat them as such" Peterson is one of the WORST offenders of that crap. Gr!


Peach - I agree about libraries & museums. In those cases, govt is analogous to the proprietor of a business and can set its own rules. As we agree, my main objection is telling the pub owner or pool hall owner how to run his/her establishment. Govt wants to say that smoking policy is like fire and health codes, and I say no, it's more like telling a restaurant it has to go vegetarian because serving meat is unhealthy.


Interesting analogy..glad you brought that up actually. The huge difference between meat vs. vegetarian and smoking versus non-smoking, and the whole reason I believe perhaps naively that the government wouldn't get involved in the Meat issue, is because people have a choice, they can order steak, not order steak, go out to eat with like-minded eaters. Non-smokers patrons or workers can not choose to not breathe the smoke if it is wisping down the bar. Not only is the smoke proven medically to cause many illnesses but is noxious in smell. Essentially the government is protecting us perhaps from not ourselves but from the corporate giants who own the cigarette companies and who market addiction to us. I love smoking and even at this moment have a 21 mg patch on to stop again but even so, as someone who lives in NYC - land of a smoking ban - I think the issues are bigger than just about the govenment not controlling us.


"I can smoke a pack at a time, I'm tracheotomy man!!"

"A man with a voice box pulls up to a McDonalds drive thru..."

"Look folks this is your captain speaking, were going down so light em up"

Amen. say it again: smoke em if you got em ..rgrgrgrg


Caitlin -
Your point is well taken, and that is where my analogy is limited.

I guess it depends on how serious a health risk one deems second-hand smoke; i.e., is it a significant public health concern? Despite (and perhaps because of) the cries of the medical community, I have a very hard time taking it seriously. No charts and graphs, please. I've seem 'em. But in an age rife with alarm bells, I have a tough time knowing which ones are real.

And perhaps because I used to put far more toxic substances into my body daily for decades, second-hand smoke seems somewhere near the rank of Good-n-Plenty candy on the health risk scale. Clearly others disagree, and I realize I'm on the short end here.

We'll all just have to see how this shakes out.


Totally agree, although I'd love to eat a good meal in a smoke free restaurant once in awhile.....


I have mixed feelings about the ban. One the one hand, I agree with your basic argument. On the other hand, as a former smoker who has become almost allergic to smoke- eyes itch, sinus get clogged- I relish smoke-free places. God, when I was smoking 3 packs a dayn (no lie), I never would have imagined I'd turn into this priss!

I had dinner at Beau Monde a few weeks ago and we were sitting near the bar. All was okay until this woman at the bar lit up and help her cigarette essentially over my head while I was eating. I inahled a ton of it and actually thought I was going to puke. I won't miss that.

Now cigars, that's another story. . .


I really think that adults should be allowed to make decisions about their own lives
Yes, educate about the dangers of smoking and have smoking/non smoking areas and use some sense and show some manners when you light up but really this 'nanny state' pees me off
My husband is a smoker, he works hard, pays his taxes and NI contributions, looks after his children and stands in the yard at 11.30 on a winters night for a fag ( his choice since we had kids) To be honest I'd be happier healthwise if he gave up but its his decision not to at the moment and thats his right in a free country

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