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Hi! I'm Stacy, 33 from Cincinnati, married and Mom to Cassidy Ann (1). I stumbled upon your journal from Cecilys and love reading you both!

My fav is the slang on the day.


Good morning. I found you through Cecily's page. I like your news commentary. Just dry and wacky enough to get my mind working in the morning.


Love the slang of the day!! I'm Sheri from Maine - I found you through Cecily's blog (am a faithful reader) I'm also hooked on You, Pete & Sarah too. I'd be thrilled if any or all of you'd visit me at www.deerledge.blogspot.com Nothing too exciting there - just my boring life in the frozen tundra of Maine.

hmmmm devil's turtle. wierd!


I'm Kate, a pal of Cecily's from East Lansing High School! Many a crazy thing was done in EL, involving Cec and I, the poor town didn't know what hit it!

We've lost touch a few times over the years, but always seem to stumble upon one another every so often! Now that we all have these here "new-fangled blog things", I hope we'll manage to not lose track of each other again!

I really love reading your blog, Charlie... Your writing style gets me laughing, crying, rolling my eyes or sighing everytime! I can see, so very much, why Cecily is madly in love with you! You guys sound great for each other and I'm happy to get a chance to get to know you better, virtually or otherwise!



I'm one who found you via Cicily - to me your writing is close to Lileks but (thankfully) to the left.


I found you from Cec but of course I know you in real life too, so if Cec didn't have a blog, I would still read yours. :)

Congrats on 60 days. :) I will miss your commenting on my (deleted) blog. Thanks for your insights over the past several months, I really appreciated it. I will miss blogging but I tend to think it's a sucker's game for anyone who posts anything personal. Just my humble opinion, of course.

I wish I could write clever, smart, interesting, engaging things like you, and leave out all the personal angst and melodrama, then I could blog, but unfortunately the angst and melodrama make up most of my waking thoughts, heh, (how DO you keep from thinking about that stupid shit? It must be very freeing) so I retire into anonymity and I'll continue to read your wonderful blog. Keep on posting, Charlie, you rock.




Julius, friend of the Millers. I don't know if you remember me but we, met a few times through them. Found Cecily's and your blog through E's. Enjoy your viewpoint on things. Keep it up!

I'm at glasmaul.typepad.com (shameless plug) I do more of the photo thing because I work better with images than words.

Keep up the good work!



Ah spring...season of mellow allergies.
Found you through your awesome wife who really deserves to be bronzed for posterity, except then she couldn't blog and that just would not be right.
In Philly since '97, originally from Uruguay.
Keep ranting, keep writing, Charlie.


Just coming out of lurk mode to say here :D
I read both you and cecily...
I especially love the definitions.


Hi i'm Nina. Found you through Cecily and yours is the only male blog i read. I find your insight exceptional and exceptionally entertaining as well and i love the sort of relationship that you and C. appear to have. You really seem to be the perfect husband. lol


hey! found you thru cecily....and i love the slang part. i try to find ways of using it during the day! lol, yes im a dork! my blog? extremely boring....life in california in the mountains with 2 kids. blah blah blah!!


hi! i'm 'may' and i am a devoted cecily reader and came here when she asked us to! i'm in japan, which is a really crazy country, but i love my experiences here!!

thanks for your wonderfully funny and thought-provoking blog. i find it very entertaining and check nearly every day to see if you've updated. i do have a blog, but it's not really very interesting, just mainly for friends and family back home....


Hi Charlie, I'm Jean from the UK on the bracing NE coast
I'm married to Shaun and we have a 7yr old boy and twin girls who are nearly 4. At 42 I'm nearly old enough to be the mother of most of the mothers at the school gates and therefore almost totally invisible!! magic! so I'm here for the 'grownup company' so no talking about Dora the Explorer in here please!


Hey Charlie,

I stumbled upon you bloghopping and loved your sense of humor.

Thanks for your thoughts on John Henry. Living with heart--seems to me thats what its all about.


Hi Charlie - I'm CursingMama. I feel like I'm writing a personal's ad.... "I'm a 34 year old mother of 2, married for 14 years to my just out of high school sweetheart. Lived in Minnesota my whole life and have therefore been tortured by underperforming sports teams my whole life."
Happy 60 days!


Yet another who found you thru Cecily. Because of her and a few others in the infertility world, I started my own blog. I love your writing - can't believe it's been 2 months already! Congrats!


I am a regular reader, hipped to your groove by Cecily. As for the vitals: 27, married, creative word-lover type (office manager by day) living in Seattle. Nothing gripping happening in my blog; I am happy if I post five days a week. :) Keep up the good work!


Hi Charlie,

I'm Sarah, from the UK.

I came to you through Cecily like so many others.

I love the slang of the day!


Charlie- the relgious icon stuff is great. Those are the kind of things I had in mind when I created my blog title-"...guide to idol worship". In early Islamic art it was forbidden to use clearly portrayed beings, celestial or otherwise and animals in art, thus all the pattern looking stuff in the mosques. There was and still is huge discouragement of idol worship (icon worship)in middleastern religion. Ever see pictures of Muhammad? I have mixed feelings about this but I get the point. Why do we feel so inclined to place such value in religious imagery? We seem to avoid the true spritual essence this way. I guess this is kind of obvious, but it still fascinates me to know end.


Hi Charlie,

I've known Cecily since high school and am glad we've managed to keep in touch over the years. (btw - could you ask her if she's coming to the class reunion this year, cause rumour has it there is one being organized).

So who am I. I am a 38 year old (OUCH time flies) legal assistant with two boys 6 & 8. I love all things legal and political and lean slightly left of the middle. My dream is to go to lawschool, someday when the kids are old enough to do more of their own laundry. :)

When I'm not working, cleaning, cooking, teaching or being a soccer mom, I'm usually right here in front of my computer researching something or another. Mostly aspergers, high functioning autism, adhd, sensory integration disorder, and biopolar because my 8 year old has some combination of these though we still haven't pinned it down precisely.

Most recently I have also begun researching criminal law and am hoping to start a grassroots effort with another woman to promote keeping violent offenders in prison, instead of letting them free in order to make more room for the non-violent ones (just where are our priorties in this country anyway???)

I am also an ex-cult member and as such, belong to a website of other ex-cult members. These days, we mostly hang out having fun and talking about "normal" life LOL.

So that sort of sums up who I am and what I do.


Sorry to self-pimp in your comments, but I'm excited about my new and improved blog! Here it is!



Coming out of lurk mode to say hi. Checked out your blog (via Cecily) when you started and have kept up with reading it. I enjoy your topics, though I have to say I totally disagree with you about public smoking-I HATE, HATE, HATE cigarette smoke. If people want to smoke, fine, I just don't want to be breathing it, plus I think government is micromanaging our lives in far more disturbing and intrusive ways. Ok, back into lurk mode before I really start to rant!


Count me as one of Cecily's readers. I'm enjoying your blog. Blog on!


Hello! I also came here through Cecily's blog, but I like to check in every few days or so to get a non-female POV. You're a great writer, very interesting!

A few random facts [aren't those the best kind?] about me... I drive a black camaro with a v8 engine and flowmaster mufflers... a few months ago I wrote a 44 page paper on trademark infringement relating to the domestic resale of used, new, and refurbished goods... the last book I purchased in person was "Introduction to Quantum Mechanics with Applications to Chemistry" by Linus Pauling; the last book I purchased online was "Here Comes the Bride: Women, Weddings, and the Marriage Mystique" by Jaclyn Geller... I used to listen to Fear Factory while getting ready to go on dates... and last but not least, I'm powered by french fries!

How's that for random?? :) Take care!


I found you thruough Cecily's blog. Love your writing style. I don't know what kind of job you have in "real" life but I think you'd be a pretty good radio talk show host.

I live at www.skitteringthoughts.blogspot.com for anyone who'd like to come over for tea.

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