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What - Tom didn't want more press coverage too? I'm Shocked!


Heh...you forgot to mention that the army is recruiting at the Astrodome in Houston:




Okay, huge LOL on the scientology comment. Wackos.


funny - but you know brownie's gonna have a well-paying job at his buddy Albaugh's consulting company - screwing us all for lots o bucks instead of the well-deserved fast-food gig.


From your link: "According to a press release from The Church of Scientology, the religion’s second-favorite celebrity couple, John Travolta and Kelly Preston, swooped in to Baton Rouge and New Orleans on Travolta’s jet Monday to join the approximately 400-member Scientology Disaster Response Team already in place."

Erm. BWAHAHAHAHAHA! "Scientology Disaster Response Team"? What do they do, make the hurricane watch Battlefield Earth over and over so it goes away?

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