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Damn, Charlie. You've gone and made me cry! I thought only Cecily could do that.

Beautiful piece of writing, beautiful you.

Love you. With you two all the way.


Ah, now I'm crying.

The other day, I said to D, "You know, I'm a little in love with Charlie." And he said, "I'm a little in love with Charlie too." :) You are right, even your not-as-close friends are standing beside you two all the way. Anything I can do, you ask me. Don't hesitate. I'll be there.

Unlike Sarah, your writing is much more likely to make me cry than Cecily's. That's because you're such a cynical hardass (like me) that I can relate to the reluctance with which you feel those vulnerable feelings. We hardasses need to stick together.


Please know that i am thinking of you.

Also know that i am going to go home and whip my husbands ass for not being as sweet as "CHARLIE........on that blog i read!!"

You and C are so wonderful, and so wonderful together. Watch-maker or no watch-maker, i hope you add to your family soon.


Oh, babe... I'm crying too here. Whatever happens, we'll make it--you and me. I promise.


Hey Charlie, I wish you and Cecliy the all the very best for this next stage. I hope you both find whatever it is you need to get you through.


Whats for you won't go past you as my Granny used to say,all the best from me too


Your strength is beautiful. You so often express thoughts I have- especially about god and faith. You show me here that you can have faith and be a spiritual person without buying the whole myth.


Along with everyone here, I'm in tears. I wish you both all the best on this next leg of your journey. Such wonderful parents you will be!


Yikes, I'm crying now, too. I wish you all the luck and happiness in the world, both of you.


I am hoping HARD for the two of you.


Beautifully put. Wishing you strong wings to carry your song.


"rather than turn back or ride on in silence, they sing."

what an amazing image, and what amazing strength and grace you guys have. I'll be singing for you, too.


Made me teary too. We're with you guys.


Hoping this time the sailing is much smoother and less fraught with danger. You two will make such wise, wonderful parents.

Rob Merola

Boy, I've missed alot from not being present in the blogosphere lately, haven't I!

I don't know which is better knews--that Sarah got married or that you and Cecily are pregnant.

That's the best news I've read in a long time, and I find myself smiling a big happy smile as I write this. Congratulations!

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