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I agree. She is quite tarded. We (those in the Southeast) prepared to the gills for this gal. I kid you not. I am 30 miles inland and all we got was a brisk wind. ??? Waited on the rain for two day and literally only got a few drops. You would love living here in our weather. It's never boring!

Love the blog. Got the link from your lovely wife. You both rock! Keep up the good work.


My 5-year-old son is quite taken with the weather, too. He was fine with endless coverage of Katrina pre-empting his beloved "Storm Stories" on the Weather Channel, but is rather dismissive of Ophelia doing the same thing (her category is not high enough to excite him). I'll have to see if her unusual behavior peaks his interest. His specialty, however, is the tornado.


I have a very British obsession with the weather and have been watching the mix of scary weather and scary-er politics with interest and horror
Our weather forcasts tend to be very hit or miss affairs to be honest most days you'd be better off just looking out of the window! However, on breakfast tv this morning we were informed that forcasters have issued a long term forecast for 'a cold spell in December and January with snowfall' .....*sigh*

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