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Very good post, and very much my thoughts.

I been awed, sickened, and inspired by human nature my whole life.

I am wishing strength for everyone in Katrina's path.


"we will be awed, sickened, and inspired by our very nature"

That is so true. I hope we can see more and more inspiration as time goes on.

Happy Birthday!


You are so right.

We are about 5 hours away from gulfport,MS, in Florida. Our hotels are packed and we have people that are living in the streets here, whom came from MS. We've opened shelters (churches & School Gyms) and food banks. This is devastating. It is difficult to be so close to it. It is literally heart-wrenching. I simply cant explain it in any other way.

Thank you for your post, and please pray and do whatever you can to help. I promise, seeing this in "real-life" pulls at your soul with unbelievable force.

Thanks Charlie, you and C are awesome!
God love,
In Florida


I would totally push that button. And I would talk about it on the NBC Nightly News. I could give a FUCK.

Happy birthday Charlie! You're a great guy. Since I won't see you Tuesdays anymore, I'm looking forward to seeing you on the 10th! :)


Hi Charlie and Happy Birthday!! I am delurking to say I agree with Catherine I am pushing that fucking button without a second thought. I miss my parents and I wish I had the button around when it mattered.


What a magnificent post, so very thought provoking. As I see and hear the news coming out of the affected areas I am angered, inspired and sickened too. The utter devestation is mind boggling and all I can think is that this is the time to renew the Civillian Conservation Corp of the 1930's, and yet I know this government will never take such steps.


I'd want to push that button -- to cure myself or others of illness, to change history . . . but then I'd also be afraid that the chance would be presented to someone else I'd never met, of whom I'd never heard, in a country I'd never visited, and I'd be on the other end of the equation. Wasn't there a Twilight Zone episode about this? Of course, death isn't the worse thing that could happen to me at this time.


I just read some NYTimes reports. Apparently rapes are occuring regularly in the Dome too, and no one is stopping them. I mean, if you saw someone being raped, wouldn't you do everything you could to stop it?

Makes me crazy. Thanks for writing this, love.


Happy birthday old man


Happy Birthday, Charlie!


Change "10 people whom you'd never met or heard of, in a country you never planned to visit (say China)" to "10 Bush administration officials trying to convince us they're doing a great job handling the Katrina aftermath" and I'll jump on that button with both feet.

Happy birthday... oy. What a way to spend it.


hmmmm, i don't know if I'd push the button, but I would like to give the fuckwit doctor, who gave my father nothing to live for, a punch in the head.

RIP Dad...

and happy birthday to you Charlie.


'mI gonna get jumped on if I say I wouldn't push the button for my parents, but would do so for just about anyone else?

The button I wish for is the one that would let me incinerate them from a distance, with no trace and no cleanup and no danger to anyone else. Then I wouldn't hate myself so much for being too weak to finally stand up to the abuse and evict them from my life.


What Catherine and Tara don't realize is that there is someone else in the world wanting to push that same button...someone who will never visit the US...

As much as I would want to, the guilt would overwhelm. And that is TEN devastated families instead of just mine.

It scares me that people can't think outside of themselves. That is the SCARIEST part of all of this. It seems that when you "walk a mile", as the old adage goes, things really change.


Rachel: Oh, I realize it all right. I am quite capable of thinking outside of myself. I'm not stupid. I'm just selfish. Judge away.


Happy Birthday.

I've been watching the news about New Orleans and am appalled by the lack of help those people are (n't?) receiving. I wish there was something I could do other than making a donation. *sigh*

- Gail Cooke

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