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Thank you so much, Charlie.

Pete says you and Cec are the most lovely people he's ever known.

We love you both so much!


Ha! I knew it! You aren't really a curmudgeon - you're a softie!

BTW - you look damn good all dressed up. Even - dare I say it? - distinguished. Hope you are feeling better by now.

And get back to ranting, man.


You going soft, old man? ;)

What does this mean? "by the end of the night I began to understand why old men like me do not do well hanging out at nudie bars all night. Even sober."


Catherine -
What I meant by that comment was that I easily tire of getting worked for my Washingtons. Each time one of the girls came around for her "tip" I said, "Oh, you're collecting for victims of Hurricane Katrina, how nice."

Nobody laughed.


LOL! Okay, I get it.

D recently attended his best friend's bachelor party at a strip club in Vegas. He was so uncomfortable being there that he started smoking again after months of being quit. Apparently not all guys are turned on by pneumatic blondes shaking their tits in your face for money.


Aww Charlie, you old softy!
Glad you all had a lovely day.


hey charlie
i saw u in the pics too....very handsome in the tux
good luck with your newest baby venture
you and cec are in my thoughts!


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