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Oh go on then, I'll go first with the classic... Jimi Hendrix 'Purple Haze' and 'S'cuse me while I kiss this guy...'
Why do I have nothing else to do on a Saturday night?!

sandy c

I KNOW better, I KNOW the name of the song and I still sing "hold me close, I'm trying to dance here."


I've got a few...

Old Rod Stewart/Faces song: "Every picture tells a story, don't it?" - I knew someone who thought that line was "Every preacher has a stolen donut!"

Marilyn Manson: "Cake and sodomy" - When Kayleigh was about 4-5 yrs old, I was into Manson and she heard this song enough to "learn the words", except she thought it was "Cake inside of me" - probably best that she didn't know the real words at that age anyway!

Marilyn Manson: "My Monkey" contains the line "We are our own wicked gods, With little "g's" and big dicks" but Kayleigh sang it "With grilled cheese and fish sticks" :)


In reference to Sandy's comment, I used to think it was "Hold me closer Tony Danza".


How about Jimi Hendrix, '..excuse me while I kiss this guy...'


..oops someone already got that one...


Nine Inch Nails:

"Happiness in slavery" I often hear as "A penis inside of me".

I ask, which would make YOU happier?

That, and my favourite Doors song...Touch Me:
"I'm gonna love you / Till the stars fall from the sky / On you and I" instead of "For you and I"... I was singing this at a hotel room w/ my partner, and he started laughing his ass off at how awful a thing that is to happen... I didn't think it was that funny, "It COULD be romantic!" ;(


Dont't know the name of the song or the band, it was being played all the time in 1985/86, when I was an exchange student in the US. They sang "Good Thing" - and I sang along "Toothpick".

Boy, did my hostsister laugh when she found out.


When I was in high school, my grandmother thought Niel Diamond was singing "Reverend in blue jeans". I wasn't allowed to listen to his music in front of her b/c he was sacrilegious.....

For the longest time, I honestly thought Kenny Rogers was singing "Four Hundred children and a crop in the field"....4 hungry children makes a little more sense.LOL

It wasn't until Uncle Crappers re-make that I realized the words were " Give me the beat boys and free my soul".....I Loudly used to sing " Give me the beach balls and free my soul, I wanna get lost in your rock-n-roll and drift away"


"And mama use to tell me, be careful what you do, don't go around knocking young girls up" - Well, it was Michael Jackson, what did you expect me to hear? And even tho' I know he doesn't sing that now, I still hear it!!

Good subject Charlie.


The best came from a friend of mine at Uni. To the song (title forgotten sorry) which goes:

You may be right, I may be crazy,
But it just may be a lunatic you´re looking for.

She sang:

You make the rice, I´ll make the gravy,
But it just may be the tunafish you´re looking for.


Love these Charlie...
There were so many for the Police for me 9I listened to them for hours with my huge head phone curled up on the florr) but my favorite was when my little brother (who was pretty little at the time) thought the police song "So Lonley" was actually Salami. It was so funny at the end of the song when Sting repeats it like 20 times, Salami, Salami, Salami!


excuse my spelling- i try to write these damm comments so fast


this is hilarious! ESPECIALLY the Dr J one about tunafish, that's great.

when my little brother was young, we were listening to the radio about this time and Feliz Navidad came on and he sang "police, mommy died."

i'd never shake that one from my head.


As far as the Aerosmith song-- maybe it's because I knew they were in recovery as well that I always heard it as the acronym
F ucked up)
I nsecure
N eurotic &
E motionally


I can't remember the name of the song (I think it is "Been Caught Stealing") or the band (it is the guy who started Lalapalooza), but there is a line that says "I'll be fine" and I always think he is saying "Pumpkin pie"

The John Fogerty song "Centerfield", I always thought he was saying "Put me in cold" instead of "Put me in coach". It makes sense, like the guy has been on the bench and hasn't warmed up, but he will go into the game. Right? I can't convince my husband either.

With my memory, is it any wonder that I make up the words? ;-)


My classic is from when I was about five or six and was singing "Amazing Grace". I sang "amazing grace, how sweet the sound, to save a wrench like me!"

My mom nearly died with laughter.


Two, that I invented in my own weird brain:

1. Aerosmith, "Dream On": Instead of "Sing with me, sing for the years", I thought it was "Sing women, sing for the years". Listen to it and you'll see what I mean.

2. Steve Miller Band, "Big Ole Jet Airliner". When I was little, I seriously, from the bottom of my heart, thought this was, "Bingo Jed had a light on". I was a weird kid.


Wait a minute! I still sing "put me in cold!" You mean that isn't right????

I used to sing "Brown Mary" instead of "Proud Mary" and the scary part is that I was in a band and used to sing it that way on stage, ugh!


Gotta say, these are great.

And Catherine, I still think the Aerosmith lyric is "sing women"... even tho I looked it up.

By the way, DrJ, that's a Billy Joel song, titled "You May Be Right"...and those substitute lyrics are terrific.


I thought the lyrics to Dave Matthew's Crash Into Me were "Hike up your skirt, little boy" rather than "Hike up your skirt a little more" and I thought he was really a weirdo and what the heck were they doing playing him on the radio constantly?


Delurking to say... Waaay back in elementary school WHAM had just released the song wake me up before you go-go with lyrics "take me dancing tonight" It came on the radio one time when I was hanging out with some neighborhood kids and I sang it "take me down to the night" I STILL have not lived it down.


Charlie, awesome subject!

Okay- here's mine.

Instead of "beast of Burden"
I thought they were singing about not wanting a "big suburbon"
and it made sense to me, i was thinking about one of those 1970 big ole suburbon's and hell, i dont want one of those either.


I have several:

In grade school, I thought that the line from God Bless America was, "through the night with a light from a bulb"

Also in grade school, I thought the song, "You're Just Too Good to be True" was "You're just too good Troopy-true." I even commented to my mom about what a funny name that was! She nearly ran off the road.

Then, my dad was heard singing the words to an old Glen Campbell song, Country Boy.
He heartily sang, "country boy, you've got your feet in a lake, but your mind's on Tennessee" (the country boy actually had his feet in LA, for those who may not be familiar with the song).

THEN, dad forbid my brother and I to listen to James Taylor because he thought he was saying the "f" word in that song (the name escapes me at the moment) with the line that goes, "got your baby, got your blanket, got your bucket of (which dad heard as effin) beer."


Oh, and my cousin... my COUSIN was FAMOUS for screwing up hymns. For instance, there's the now famous: "Michael rode the Polish Whore" and "Bringing in the Sheets"

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