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Lovely poem Charlie, thank you.
Even though I have children now I often feel the ghosts of my past very keenly at this time of year, lost children, my Mum, other Christmases good and bad its not an easy time for many I think
However soon its the New year and I hope it brings for you and Cecily every thing you dream of


Oh Charlie. Thank you for this. I long for your poems and when you do share them they do not let me down.

This made me weepy in a good way.

Love you.


You were right, love--I really, really love this post, and the poem. Thank you!


Hi- I hate poetry and I LOVED that poem!!!

sandy c

Wonderful poe. The images really knocked me out -- the flag of tobacco dreams, time's bridges, wow.


Hi Charlie,
Really cool post and I love the poem... You have a gift with words!!


Keep posting the poems, old man. :) They fucking rock.


Ahhhh, God bless Charlie, that was a wonderful poem, thank you.


Beautiful.I love your work. It cuts so deeply without being the slightest bit excessive.

This one gives me chills.


Came from Sarah's place...

Absolutely beautiful writing, Charlie. I read it over and over again....


A beautiful poem. Something to settle into and enjoy the first read through, even more the second and the third. Thank you.


Aw, I love your poems.



That's all I can say.


What a beautiful poem Charlie-thanks for sharing! Christmas is the best of times and the worst of times, I think. I love the shopping, and trying to buy something special-not necessarily expensive, but special-to show how much the people I love mean to me. But when the shopping's all done, I often find myself surrounded by the ghosts of Christmases past- and I miss them. This will be our first Christmas without my stepfather. It's hard not to wonder if Christams will ever be the same, as more and more I'm surrounded by ghosts.


Another great poem, Charlie.

I just posted a poem on my blog today--Graveyard by the Sea--that I think you might enjoy.

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