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Well, W is not taking my little brother. Not if I can help it.

My grandfather was career military, but discouraged his children and grandchildren from entering the military, in part because of Viet Nam. (He was fortunate to not have to serve in Viet Nam, after serving in both WWII and two tours in Korea. He told my grandmother later that he knew he would have died in Nam, had he been sent.)

And, somehow, even with this involuntary recall, most of these folks will vote Republican in the next election. WTF?

Oh - glad you're feeling better, btw. Your ER experience and the stuff leading up to it sounded scary.


Oh, yeah. Nick told me we were very likely to have a draft for this fucking mess over there, and that was at least a year ago if not longer.

The only positive outcome of this new news is that hopefully it will wake up more of the sheep who continue to vote for these cockslaps against their own economic, social, and now family interests.


Ack. What a stubborn dickhead our president is.

Julie O

It really sucks for the military these days. But I firmly believe (as do the pundits I read) that an actual civilian draft will not happen. More likely is just a lot more recycling.

P's Dad

please everyone see "fog of war" amazing documentary about Robert McNamara and the things he learned about war in both WW2 and Vietnam which her basically ran. GOD FORBID WE SHOULD EVER LEARN ANYTHING FROM EXPERIENCE!!! I could go into the experience of The Greek, Roman and British empires in the middle east...but hell why should I know one cares that the exact same things happened to them...ugh


The article clearly states that the Marines subject to recall have only fulfilled 4 of the 8 years they signed on for. It's no different than a soldier from the National Guard being called up to duty.


Kate -
Perhaps so... but this was a war that in 2003 the Administration promised would last only weeks. Yet here we are, 3 and a half years later.

My point is that this has all the hallmarks of a quagmire.

Melissa in TN

I will be so glad when this administration is gone. I won't be sorry to see George, Dick and Rummy leave.


Ugh, when you put it that way, moving to Canada sounds more and more appealing.


I have two boys (6, and 11 months, with a girlchild in-between). It is my belief that this nation will be at war from now until the end of this world, and that my boys will be required to serve in the armed forces as young adults. I love my country, and would be proud if any of my children chose to be in the armed forces. But I would hate for them to be forced to serve.


"not during my presidency"... heh... if Congress goes Democratic this November and impeachment proceedings move forward, maybe it WILL be sooner than January 2009.

If this damn war is still going on in April 2020 (a month before my son's 18th birthday), my family and I WILL be emigrating....

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