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Hysterical, the bit that got me the most was the mothers sipping their breast milk (presumably from the original container?)- is this possible?

Hmm, something to ponder over the weekend!!


Hilarious - there's a mental picture I'll have forever.

And since we're made of water and various fluids, they'll be proposing a dessication process for passengers next, in case of spontaneous combustion!




That's pretty funny - though I gather from your post that you think this new measure is too much. Am I correct in that assumption?


Greta -
Well, I'd just say that it's yet another product of hysteria and likely useless.

Since Richard Reid's failed "shoe bomb" in 2003, millions of passengers have been required to remove their footwear at airport security checkpoints. The footwear policy has neither revealed nor seemingly discouraged any terrorist activity. It's just served to delay and humiliate the average air passenger.

Suppose that an extremist nutjob attempts to rectally smuggle a device aboard a plane? Do we endorse full cavity searches of all passengers?

Also note that the present plot was NOT uncovered by airport security...but thru undercover work.


Brilliant! I'm willing to sacrifice every single right to privacy I have to ensure my safety.
(she say's tongue in cheek)
How's that baby of yours - she sure looks to be quite a doll.


Don't think i'll be flying much if the nekkid flight policy comes to pass. Maybe they can give you special 'airline' paper underwear or something...which everyone will then begin stealing like the headphones.


Nina - I like the paper underwear idea.


Can the planes be dark? I'm a bit shy. And I'm thinking no more hot beverages or meals...


Abigail -
The airlines could hand out giant bibs to address those concerns ;-).


I think I heard Bill Maher make this same suggestion . . . which got me thinking about how terrorists might try to find some way to sneak stuff on airplanes. And then I really didn't want to start thinking about that level of searching!


So what if a plane does get blown up again? Everyone will be crying that the government, airlines, etc. didn't do enough. They're damned if they do, damned if they don't.

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