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I'm racking my brains trying to figure out why a foreign FLAG is a threat. I'm coming up empty.



That is bizarre! When I taught Pre- kindergarten, I did a thematic unit on the continents. We made lots of flags from all over the world & displayed them proudly on the wall.
Happy Birthday!


That's INSANE.


Makes me want to move to Colorado just to sport a few international flags to see if I can cause a ruckus! ;)

I would think a Geography teacher would automatically be exempt from this crazy law by nature of their job?!!? Of course, the law should just be struck down as a violation of First Ammendment rights anyway!


Well you see it's to make sure that no child is left behind in Colorado. That way when, on an exam, they're asked "What three colours are on the American flag?" the young ones don't get confused.

Psst. Charlie, what'd you get for "Name?"


Insane. (No offense to any Coloradans reading this blog, but I lived in Colorado for a while and can totally see that happening there.) Thank God for more relaxed places like New Mexico! We have a neighbor (a Republican, even) who puts up different flags at whim or to honor his various international friends. I displayed the flag of Belgium for years, and my husband just asked me to get a bunch of different flags to display at our store here in town. And... that's why we don't live in Colorado anymore....


It makes me curious to see if they have a no religious symbols on municipal grounds clause as well. I mean, if schools and municipal buildings can't have foreign flags... then religious symbols ought to be banned as well... no trees, no stars, no easter bunnies, no santas...



"I guess that's why the United Nations isn't in Denver."

and thank God for that!

Wondering what your take on terrorism, etc. is...I mean, how do we even go about facing the problem? totally unrelated to this post...you seem to be one of the few rationally thinking liberals I have come across... :)

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