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Wow, just yesterday I was talking about this nougat candy called Divinity that we used to get at Stuckey's on road trips when I was a kid. I looooove nougat! But it is a weird word.


I quite like the word, and eating it (but I think we probably get the European original version here). Do you pronounce the English way though - without the 't'? We say it as Noo-gah.


LondonMisfit -
In the States, we do pronounce the "T" ...

Generally, we in America will find the least attractive pronunciation for any word. There's a town in New Jersey called Buena which the locals pronounce as BYEW-nah. And there's a town in Missouri spelled Cairo but pronounced KAY-ro. Ugh.


How about: GO-ee-the St. (all right, not pretty in the original German either) in Detroit and BA-tho-ven St. (Beethoven) in Binghampton (which some locals pronounce BIM-ing-ton.


thanks, I've always wondered what a nougat was. Now that I know, I will stay away...


Cairo, Illinois is pronounced "Care-o."

I hate the word "spelunking." It sounds so dorky -- couldn't cave explorers come up with something better to call their activity?


Actually, "sweetbreads" are something even more disgusting than brains (at least IMHO)--they're pancreas or thymus gland. Mmmmmm...parsley, sage, rosemary, and thymus. But I'm vegan, what do I know about the taste of offal? I'll avoid the obvious comment that it sounds just like "awful." Whoops, I said it.


I've always had a problem with the word "squat"... and you've described the issue to a T. It doesn't sit properly in the mouth.

And I agree with your assessment of "nougat".


Nougat's never been a favorite of mine. Neither has the word moist. Just, not right.

Ah, but then there is a word like Porpoise. Always makes me smile.:)

We have San Felipe Street(not San Felip-ay as most would assume, but to locals it's San Fil-i-pee). I lived near Mt. Diablo once. The locals pronounce is Mt. Die-ab-lah, not dee-ab-lo as it should be. So many other instances..I could go on for days!

Hope you feel better!


I love nougat, (and Xavier Cougat) inelegant tho it may be. On the other hand, you got your Turkish Delight which sounds way better than it is.
I very much dislike grits and groats, word and grain both. Sounds and tastes like punishment.
I saw Sarah's post about the ER and got alarmed about the baby before I read on. Hope you are feeling better! Love to Cec and Tori, Aunt B

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