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The link doesn't seem to go anywhere.
Nice follow up reference by the way.


Yeah, babe, that link is all wonky... sorry!


You are a very strange man. :)

A request: post about Tori! I want to see what your days are like with her. You know, "a day in the life"...


Link should be fixed now...sorry.


Well we can be relatively sure this is the real thing now! The Virgin Mary was a woman and everyone knows how much women love chocolate!

They could use the nougat for a little halo!

Sorry, that story cracked me up. Though I must say, at least I can see the resemblence. Now I can't say I would've without being told what it was first, but on most things I have no idea what they're looking at. Seeing the Virgin in things is just like Magic Eye, I just don't see it (typically).


Add this to the guy who got stuck in a vat of chocolat and I think we have ourselves some kind of world wide conspiracy....

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