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I absolutely, positively love this poem. So, so much.


How true. I remember those times quite well. I just finished reading a book called The Tender Bar by J.R. Moehringer and kept thinking of you as I read it. After seeing yesterday's post with the list of books, I thought I would share that with you. I think you would like the book should you choose to read it. Thanks for sharing yourself with us.


This is a great poem. Thank you for sharing it.

Sending good thoughts your way.


So true!


This poem is so beautiful and clear. Thankyou


Hey - I've gone thru a similar situation. And yes, it feels like it sucks the life right out of you.

I'm so sorry. There is never anything to prepare a person for this... there is no "Aging Parents 101: Gird your Loins" class anywhere.

You are doing a great job. You are a really good son to your mom.


you couldn't know it, but this perfectly speaks for the last two weeks for me as well. thank you.


absolutely lovely. thank you.



Reminds me of 'stop all the clocks'

Melissa in TN

You are so talented. It brings to mind "Hurt" and "Funeral Blues."


i've been in this place. you portrayed it exactly. thanks.


Well done. "nor the phone hang itself/in sympathy" is a great image, and "disbelieving thrum" really works for me as well.


What a beautiful poem.

Susan/Together We Flourish

I was reminded of one day in particular when I read your poem. It was the day I found out that my son had cancer. The amazing thing is that somehow you do start breathing again and the sun shines on a new day




Wow. Just wow.


I love this poem. I understand it, and someday I know I will need to find it and read it, not for enjoyment, but for solace.

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