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Hi, just found this story on the net and thought I'd share it. It's one of the more balanced ones around and adds some needed context at the end, though I kind of hate to give credit to one of my company's biggest rivals.


It's spreading, but Mexico's death toll is stabilizing. Also, the note is made that often a new flu crops up at the end of one flu season, then re-emerges the next, so this sort of thing may not be that unprecedented. At least some very, very good news: it hasn't shown up in China or India yet. Just to give you a benchmark, if that happened, I'd start to get worried myself. I'm not yet -- perhaps foolishly -- and I see masses and masses of information, from around the world every day.

SARS killed over 700, and that spread pretty easily between people too. We're nowhere near that yet. That probably scared people a lot more over in Asia, where I'm based, than in the U.S. and it's one reason why I'm not yet worried now.

Hope this might help a bit.


Hey, I heard the Pitcairn story too (Fresh Air?), at least until the half hour.

Although given that you have a daughter, I don't think you'd really want to move there...

P.S.- Love your Maverick. I had a '71 in college that was totalled (fortunately while parked) in 1980 and I still wax nostalgic about it. Especially if I hear Boston's "More Than a Feeling" on the radio.

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