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I like snow. I like snow that comes down all pretty, makes the neighborhood picturesque, and then melts away in a day or two.


Nice. I have gotten a little sick of hearing the words "snowmaggedon" and "snowpocalypse". Blizzaster is great...and propably completely appropriate. Stay warm and safe. Great pics, although I do not envy you guys having to shovel all that. Good luck.


Dude, I think your weather is broken!


Gorgeous family!


The pictures are nice to look at - and besides, the public loves a good weather emergency! In Florida, they love to raise the alarm when a hurricane so much as comes within 1000 miles. It helps sales of plywood and batteries. What a year to be a snow shovel manufacturer, huh?


Love, Love , Love the pics! Stay toasty warm!

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I like snow that comes down all pretty....

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