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I love your poem, Charlie. I lost my own dad last summer, and it resonates with me. Keep up the good work.


I was grinning the whole time because obviously I know you have the chair, so I was anticipating the picture with Tori. :)
Great poem, Charlie.


Beautiful poem, and SO wonderful that you still have the chair! (but what about the trousers? still got those?:))


Mimi - So sorry for your loss.

Sarah - Glad you liked this piece.

Tracy - The trousers, sadly, have left the building.


So gorgeous. Well done, love the structure as well as pacing. And the subject is beautiful.

Melissa in TN

I really enjoyed this one. My Dad had a special chair too. Wish we still had it....

How old was he there?

You look a lot like him, in my opinion.


Melissa - That photo was taken in August 1972. My dad was 39 (and was recovering from his first heart attack). He died 7 years later.



Bob T

Great photo ! Great poem !

Truly amazing stuff !





That's quite a journey! From Graves to Dr. Seuss. And now you're a dad in Dad's chair. :-)


You got some great verbs hitting on the essence of each writer -- particularly in the second and third stanzas.

Baby Health

Such A Cute kid..


What a lovely poem, there's so much history in it. I love that he was such a reader and that it's still being used. I just read the Cheever novel, Falconer. It was remarkable.

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