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The one with the gold, makes the rule.

The American workplace is a vise grip only getting tighter. The purpose of these mandates seems to be to weed out those who cannot be bent to another's will. Every now and then I meet somebody who is retiring after 40 years with a company. These days, you couldn't achieve that even if you wanted to. Nobody's going to let you stay when your pay is maxed out and you cost more to insure. Your work record doesn't matter because the work doesn't matter. All that matters is the bottom line.

It's all a complete source of despair to me. I don't care so much for myself, but for my child. Right now I feel like unless she mortgages her soul to go to graduate school and into some kind of professional practice of her own...it looks bleak. It puts me in a tough spot to raise her with all kinds of platitudes about how if you work hard you'll be rewarded--when I don't even believe that.


And the beknighted teabaggers are afraid of tyrrany from the government.


It is my understanding that currently, each state sets its on rules in this regard. Michigan is an "at will" state. This means I could lose my job if my boss decided he wanted to hire his daughter, even if his daughter lacks the skills.

Michigan is also home of the insurance company that gave their employees who smoked the ultimatum "quite or be fired."

Unions lost sight of their purpose and have, in many ways, become another version of the very corruption they were designed to rid us of.


AMEN Leah!!!

I grow up in Michigan and we were always told "if you wanted to know what a dying city looks, like look at Flint". Well, it can now be said that "if you want to know what a dying state looks like, look at Michigan".

Unions have not only out-lived their usefulness, they have become cancerous!!!!!

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