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Moving and gorgeously written. Sending positive thoughts your way.


Thx, Nino.


Thanks for that, Charlie. You took me back 50 years to Ann's Cafeteria in Boston, where, as a 16-year-old college kid on a shoestring budget, I could feast on a huge bowl of fish chowder (with fist-sized chunks of real fish) and a handful of crackers for 60 cents. It was good, and it was cheap. The only "decor" was a giant flashing neon arrow pointing downstairs to the "MEN'S ROOM". But best of all, there was always a rumble of conversation going on, though when you looked around, you saw a bedraggled assortment of down-and-out individuals, each sitting alone. My friends thought the place was a freak show, but to me, it was a magical temple, a place of refuge where lost souls could come in out of the cold of city reality to satisfy their hunger and be left alone to commune with their gods, their demons, or whomever. I didn't know any of them, but I felt safe, and at home, in their company. At those times in my life when I've teetered on the edge, I've missed that place. Wonder if it's still there...


Thx Bob. What a great portrait you've painted.

sparkly jules

Love it.


I think you've just described me.


Very astute observations... I often find myself in such places, too. You're a very good writer; I'll surely continue to read your work.

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