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Solitary Diner

This is a beautiful post. I've been reading Cecily's blog for years now, but it's interesting to see the same stories told through another voice and from another perspective. Thanks for writing.


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Schmutzie - Wow, thank you.


This post makes me wonder if you've been reading my unwritten lifetime diary, with a few additions/deletions/alterations. I couldn't have summed up this "life" thing with a fraction of your clarity and perception. Thanks, Charlie. This one's a keeper, for sure.

Idaho Dee

I love how you examine your life. Cecily does it too. You seem to know yourselves so well and graciously accept yourselves. What a blessing (and effort/work, I realize) that is. Sometimes it seems the more "religious" people I know are less self-examining and even less accepting of themselves. I aspire to your level of self-examination and acceptance.


Thx Dee. You're right about the hard work.

I was told that the quality of my recovery would be proportionate to the thoroughness with which I examined my character, even my most destructive faults. And that's pretty much true. The more honest I am about my imperfections (some alterable, others not so much),the more clarity I seem to have about other things.

It is, of course, antithetical for the alcoholic/addict to embark on a soul-search. Everything about us says: hide, anesthetize, deflect. And that's where the effort comes in... this continual process of dragging one's character defects into the light of honest self-appraisal.


"Pain happens. Joy happens. Be Kind. That's about it."-LOVE this. It should be this simple.

Also-Jesus Fuck? I almost fell out of my chair laughing.

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I couldn't have summed up this "life" thing with a fraction of your clarity and perception. Thanks, Charlie. This one's a keeper, for sure.


How did I miss this amazing post? Really beautiful Charlie.


Anxious to read more of your work. This is amazing! The last paragraph moved me...sent me into another place where I am sitting on a train in Europe. Rarely am I taken from my office chair into someone's thoughts like that. I can relate to those moments alone and to being unique and finally starting to realize in my 30's that it's okay to be different and not care what people think. My life is rich. Okay.

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Good on you for kicking the habit, many don't.

Its interesting how you blamed a lot of things on the drink, but once sober the same problems exist.

Hope you find peace and harmony in all that you do

Martha Lutz

If you wrote that your spiritual. Great post - thanks!

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