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Solitary Diner

Beautiful post. In my line of work, I often work with patients who are homeless or otherwise "social outcasts", and I am saddened by how appreciative they can be of the small amount of kindness I show them. It's an unfortunate reflection of how little kindness they receive in other areas of their lives.


Solitary Diner - Thank you. It astounds me how easily one can be cut-off from a sense of community while being in the hub of a city.


You talk to "them" with more than your voice, Charlie. Even if you never spoke a word, your open eyes, your extended hand, your small gestures of kindness, all speak volumes. Your willingness to pay attention is a rare and precious gift of human warmth in this "ice age" of fear and self-absorbed isolation. Bless you.

Curmudgeon Commuter

I so heartily agree with this post. To have someone meet their eyes when they talk to them, to ask gentle, non judgmental questions about their well-being or needs....these poor souls are all used up, and invisable to the hustle-bustle crowds stepping around them like they are a mud puddle that must be avoided. I struck up a (limited in knowledge on my end) conversation with an old codger named Joe, who was shoeless, and he named every baseball great (starting with shoeless Joe Jackson) from every team in American Baseball. He could recite batting averages of DiMaggio, Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, years played with which teams, nicknames, world series winners of what year, it was astounding, and his voice rose in confidence
and he sat a little straighter in his wheelchair while he remembered his own Field of Dreams. I bought him a cuppa Joe, and the wave/salute he gave me as I reluctantly boarded my bus stayed in that salutation for as far as I could see before
we turned the corner. There but for the grace of God go I. G'nite Shoeless Joe, stay warm my friend.


Great post. And congratulations on the book!

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