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1. Get money out of the political system. No more lobbyists giving freebies. Also, another way to fund campaigns where everyone is on an equal footing. Spending millions of dollars to get elected is ridiculous.
2. Close loopholes in the tax system especially for corporations.
3. Find waste and fraud in the system. Just don't talk about it, do something about it when it's found.

I think there's no coherent message with "Occupy Wall Street" because there is so much wrong with the system. But these are a few of what I'd like to see fixed. I could probably come up with 100's more, ha.


I agree with all of Viki's additions, but your "top three" are an essential start. The Occupy movement started over real and perceived economic injustice, and should zero in that. And we must keep demand HONEST remedies, so that we don't wind up with:

1. a restored but watered-down, toothless Glass-Steagall Act;

2. a Swiss-cheese mortgage amnesty that excludes more people than it helps;

3. legislation ending (gag) "corporate personhood" that's loaded with poison pills designed to give the corporate-bedfellow Supremes an excuse to restore those (gag some more) "rights" at the first hint of a corporate challenge.

In other words, REAL reform. Anything less is a fraud and a mockery.

Is that too much to ask? Yes. That's why we have to stop asking and start DEMANDING.


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