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Jim O.

Seattle's Best parent company is Starbucks! :-)




Have you tried Guru at all? Its all natural caffeine. I'm not a hippie by any means (lol) but I do work overnights, and have experimented with different kinds of energy drinks. Its been a lifesaver for me. Theres no crash or crappy feeling that I have felt. It tastes pretty decent too. Just a suggestion :)


I should add that I wouldn't recommend their "lite" version, that does indeed taste like poo (or what I imagine poo taste like).



Thx Erin!


What the hell's wrong with having coffee?

I was going to say something about nutrition, but it's only 110 calories per serving (assuming only one serving per can), low fat, and low sodium. So, go for it.

FWIW, I tried a Five Hour Energy once. I felt nothing, but caffeine has little effect on me, anyway. Might work for you, though.


A good cup of coffee is a pleasure. I can't get into the energy drinks, the taste just kills it for me.

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