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Mr. O'Hay, the state motto for Texas is actually, "Friendship."


Wow, that's ironic. Tho I s'pose no more so than Philly's being "The City of Brotherly Love." Tho in our defense, we at least believe the world is round.


-Irony is fun...
"Seems (to me) that a far more rational response would be acceptance. You're going to lose a few sheep (and yes, a few dollars) and I'm sorry."
"I reject the GOP's view that the existence of dire poverty in America is somehow proof that capitalism is working as it should."


You're seriously equating a few lost head of SHEEP and artist's royalties with starving American FAMILIES? And saying that we should accept, in the wealthiest nation on earth, that nearly half our families are at or below the poverty line?

I shouldn't in a rational discourse even have to say this, but those are two MONUMENTALLY different things. Well, YOU may be willing to accept a nation that turns its back on its poorest members as a natural side-effect of a thriving capitalist economy, but I am not.


No... no, I'm not equating SHEEP with FAMILIES. I'm also not saying that we should accept the poverty situation in this country.
-I didn't like the shot you took at Texas in your post OR the one you needlessly fired back after my original comment, Mr. O'Hay, so I thought I'd rattle your cage a little.

I've read you long enough to know that your idea of "rational discourse" begins with the notion that a great majority of the world is not as enlightened or righteous as yourself. And that you strongly distrust "the establishment" and see yourself as the soulful loser... holding true and shining light onto the atrocities that the rest of us just don't get.

But I think, more than anything else, that you're an artist, Sir. So, maybe you shouldn't be assuming the high-ground and fashioning comebacks for silly arguments that NO ONE is making. It makes you sound common and your voice is not made for that kind of shouting...

As always, that is just what I think... This Texan is wrong about at least one thing every day.


Very relieved you weren't making that argument. I now return you to our regularly scheduled poetry and other musings.

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