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I've always wondered why the 12 step program encourages so strongly the notion of a higher power. It seems to me that you're setting up those in recovery to fall even further if they stumble and then feel as though they've let down themselves AND their God. (Plus, as a person raised Baptist - even I find the fervent "born-agains" to be borderline annoying.)

Mr. O'Hay, I hope I have to wait A LONG time for you to die and go to hell so that I can steal this line, "It just felt after awhile as if I were playing ping-pong against the drapes."

(Damn it, now I have to repent for thinking that... believing is tough work sometimes, maybe you're on to something.)


Yeh, 12-Step recovery strongly encourages a HP to get the addict-alcoholic to step out of him/herself and ask "how can I help others?" rather than "what's in this for me?" It's an effective tool to wean one from the doctrine of instant gratification. It wasn't sustainable for me, for some of the reasons you mention. I constantly felt I was "doing this wrong" because when I DID pray, I didn't see the benefits of recovery that others claimed to experience.

You're welcome to the ping-pong line. I got it from a friend of mine years ago. You needn't wait until my demise to use it.


Some of us place our faith in each other. Some of us place our faith in a God.
The former seems like a better bet to me.


I always thought agnostics were the most hated...

"How can you trust a man who wears both a belt and suspenders? The man can't even trust his own pants..."

great article, Charlie... I wrote a much longer response, in my head.


Great post!!!


When my mom got off drugs in the early 90s, she did the whole 12 step process and was "all about God"(her words, not mine) for a while. Honestly, the things she did during that time frame were crazier than when she was on drugs.I think my whole family was relieved when she gave it up and went back to her usual cranky self, but without the drugs.

Honestly, I think most Christians have got it wrong. I believe in God, and Jesus, but I also believe in the power of the Universe, and Karma, and a whole lot of other things that most Christians in this country don't. I don't think God minds so much.

I know several people who are atheist/aspiritual,and I like them a helluva lot more than most people that I went to church with as a teenager.

Also, #3 on your list made me laugh loudly.

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