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Bob Taylor

Sorry to use this venue to get in touch with you I noticed your account on FB is deactivated are you coming back ?
Bob Taylor


Hey Bob. No apologies necessary. You can always reach me here. Yes, I nixed the FB account for several reasons... among them that I am gearing up for autumn poetry submissions and many magazines regard FB status updates as "prior publication."

I also found that I was too often responding to others' posts with the first thing that came to mind--honest but not always tactful.

Will I be back? Probably.

Bob Taylor

Thats what I figured...Im in the process of preparing a article for a toy train magazine and the editor will be wanting me to pull down any pictures of my collection and layout...makes for a lot of "mopping up" on the net...Good luck with the submissions !!!
Funny thing is I fought Facebook for years but I joined because of you actually it was easier to follow you there than on Flickr...I'm glad this blog is still here !!!
Only the best to you my friend !!!
Bob Taylor


Thanks, Bob! To you as well!

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