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Beautifully said, and beautifully done. I wish you continued success as your work expands to tap the tremendous reserves of pent-up energy and goodness in the world. We've had too many years of exalting greed and selfishness as the ultimate goal of humankind.

My own "project" (David, who was a homeless 19-year old when I took him in 16 years ago - long before there were any "social media") moved on this week to a new life in Virginia with his new partner and "adopted" family. It took time, work, and patience, and the encouragement of friends (including you), but his dream, and my wish for him, are finally coming true.

Thank you, Charlie, on behalf of all those whose lives are touched by your infinitely generous spirit.



Wow, Bob, that's quite a transition. I wish David (and you) all the best!

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